ADB Driver Installer 2016

Free software used to restored lost, corrupted and outdated drives on desktop and mobile devices

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ADB Driver Installer installs USB drivers on Windows machines for Android devices.

ADB Driver Installer is software that is intended primarily for Android device manufacturers as well as Android software developers. It could be used for personal purposes to overcome USB driver issues between Android and Windows devices, but that probably is not practical in most cases.

Many users connect their Android devices, such as smartphones and tablets, to their Windows laptops and desktop PCs in order to charge them as well as transfer data. This communication does not happen auto-magically. It is necessary to have the proper drivers on both the Android device and the Windows machine, and this software is intended to install and configure these drivers.

The software is a bit on the pricey side and available in three versions: Premium, Ultimate and Source Code. Premium is the most affordable package, does not include a graphical user interface and operates in silent mode. The Ultimate edition costs twice as much and includes ActiveX DLL files as well as integration examples for Visual C++, C# and Java.

The Source Code edition includes the actual ADB Driver Installer source, which is necessary for a high level of customization. It costs more than 15 times the Premium edition and more than five times the Ultimate edition. It does, however, come with two years of technical support. Note that the Premium and Ultimate versions come with no technical support at all.

How you use this software will depend a lot on what you are seeking to achieve. It fosters compatibility between Windows and Android devices, which may be necessary for out-of-the-box device support or to ensure that your Android app or Windows program works as expected. It works with practically all versions of Windows from XP to 10. In addition to installing drivers initially, it can restore drivers that have become lost, corrupted or outdate.


  • Android and Windows drivers
  • Works with practically all Windows versions


  • Limited technical support

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